Kyle and I challenge each other to do cool shit. As a way to keep each other honest and on track while we build in public.

Although we are working together on various projects / businesses we have agreed to challenge each other on the small things along the way. One may believe the way to scale sales for a product is organic SEO while the other is hell bent on affiliate marketing, challenge accepted?

Challenge #1

First To Get 1,000 Monthly Website Visitors - Dec 2022 - Feb 2023

Challenge: First To Get 1,000 Monthly Website Visitors

Description: Who can drive 1,000 monthly visitors to their personal website quicker. This challenge is a race.

Timeline: A 3-month timeline has been given for this challenge.

Hypothesis: I have utilized AI content writing to rank for various keywords in the past. My plan is too use a combination of personal / professional network along with high quantity, SEO optimized blogs. Targeting low hanging queries that surround my area of expertise (inbound strategy). Although they aren't necessarily my direct audience of startup folk they may still benefit from the scaling guides I plan provide. Head over to Kyle's website to see how he plans to approach things...

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COMING SOON (Feb 2023)

Summary Video:

COMING SOON (Feb 2023)